Why GSR?

As a specialist boutique broker within our chosen market places, our skills and experience are unparalleled. We offer:

We act on behalf of a wide variety of international companies from multi-national corporations down to smaller bespoke wholesalers.



GSR always seeks to source the best underwriting solution for the client and we have a first class reputation with specialist insurers who operate in this market place. We manage these relationships carefully to ensure a successful combination of best price, product flexibility, innovation and first rate security.

Developing a scheme infrastructure

This requires defining the type of scheme most suitable to the client and their retail opportunity. It may well include the use of outsourced administration or a claims specialist. In such cases GSR will ensure a reliable management and reporting structure as well as defining costs and appropriate service standards. Which is so important in the highly regulated environment our clients now have to operate.

Product design

At the heart of GSR is the ability to understand and advise on what insurance products will work most effectively for a given client’s retail opportunity. The answer to this is not always obvious and our experience here can help to suggest a solution to the client that might not have otherwise been considered. Our expertise allows us to take control of all aspects of product design including wording and pricing, as well as finding the most suitable margin.

Captive Insurance Companies

For some retail clients retaining premium volume and margin through their own captive or self-owned insurer is often the most effective solution. GSR can help to arrange this and offer relevant advice along the way.

Specialist In House Vehicles

Tax and insurance considerations are often highly complex making it more effective for companies to offer a service contract. Whilst this does offer some tax mitigation benefits it can also open that company’s balance sheet to what is, effectively, an insurance risk. GSR can provide a comprehensive insurance solution and nullify this risk leaving the client with the benefit of both choices.